Prestige General Services is known for its customer focused working style. But when it comes to our Packaging Section,

we believe we do more justice to the product. We are trusted for our hygienic, toxic free packaging materials and methods. Maximum care is taken to preserve the freshness, appearance, texture and quality of the product. Before getting down to business, we provide samples to our customers. Being a leading co-packer for food and other products, we market, distribute and directly deliver packed products to our clients. Our special offers, fair pricing and timely delivery are much preferred among many local, international and private brands in the region.

Some of our packaging services include:

• Co-packing
a) Bundling together products for shop display
b) Grouping products together in batches for promotional campaigns

• Bar Code, Promotional Stickers, Labels

• Bundle Pack Shrink-Wrapping
a) Shrink wrapping
b) Placing stickers
c) Special-order repacking